Registration Information

Applicants for registration in the State of West Virginia are required to meet the criteria set forth in the Practice Act and Rules.  Each applicant must submit a completed application to the Board and must pass the WV State Jurisprudence Exam.

Registration Types


Registration is active and registered veterinarian technician is in good standing


Not available at this time


A registration that has not been renewed

Temporary Emergency Registration

A temporary registration for WV State of Emergencies.

Types of Registrations with Disciplinary Action


Registration is on probation for a specific period of time as ordered by a Consent Agreement/Final Order with the Board.


Registration is on suspension for a specific period of time as ordered by a Consent Agreement/ Final Order with the Board.


Registration is revoked by a Final Order with the Board.

Registration Renewals

Registrations are renewed each calendar year and are due by December 31.  Renewals submitted after December 31 require payment of a late fee.  Online renewals are available from October 1 – February 15.  If you do not wish to renew online, you may submit your renewal form to the Board office.


An expired registration may be reinstated within 5 years of the date of its expiration by completing and providing the following:

  • Renewal form for the current year
  • Renewal form for all expired years
  • Documentation of having completed the required continuing education in each delinquent year
  • Current renewal fee
  • All previous delinquent renewal fees.

If a registration has been expired more than 5 years, an application for registration must be submitted and the applicant must be scheduled to take the WV State Jurisprudence Exam at next test date