Veterinarian Continuing Education Guidelines

Required Hours Each Calendar Year:

  • 18 (50 minute) WV Board approved CE hours in the field of veterinary medicine.
    • A minimum of 14 hours shall be in classroom scientific education or webinar CE programs related to the practice of veterinary medicine to include scientific, laboratory, regulatory, and medical record keeping.
    • No more than 4 hours shall be related to practice management.
    • No hours shall be accumulated, carried forward, or held over past the calendar year in which the hours were completed.

Approved CE Programs:


  • New graduates of the current year are exempt from the continuing education requirements until the beginning of the immediately succeeding reporting period after licensure.

Hardship Extensions:

  • Requests for a hardship extension must be received in the Board’s office by December 15.
  • Please click here for a printable Request for Hardship Extension form.
  • The Board shall only consider hardship extensions from licensees who the Board determines were prevented from completing the required continuing education hours within the year due to verified medical or military emergencies beyond the licensee’s control.

CE Audit:

  • Random CE audits will be conducted annually.
  • CE records must be maintained for two (2) years after completion.
  • CE records must be provided to the Board upon request.
  • If evidence of board approved CE completion cannot be provided during an audit, the license can be “suspended”.