CAET Application Checklist

Application Fee $335
Fee includes Application, Practice Act, CAET Manual, Jurisprudence Exam, and Certification (Criminal Background check fee must be paid by the applicant) 

Only individuals employed by a WV registered animal euthanasia facility may apply.

Application and fee must be received at least 30 days prior to the date of the next exam.

  • Click here for online applications.
  • Click here for printable applications.

Required Backup Documentation

  • Birth Certificate – certified copy along with
    • Completed “Certification of Copy” form or
    • A notary public may use a “Certified True Copy” stamp to certify the copy
  • Name Change – Marriage/Divorce Decree (birth name differs from current name) – certified copy along with
    • Completed “Certification of Copy” form or
    • A notary public may use a “Certified True Copy” stamp to certify the copy
  • Photograph
    • A current photograph of the applicant. Applicant shall be alone in the photograph.
  • Citizenship
    • If you are not a United States citizen, please provide proof of naturalization or authority to reside and work in the United States.
  • Education – High School Diploma or Equivalency
    • Proof of high school diploma or equivalent 
  • Letter of Recommendation –(photocopies will not be accepted)
    • Letter of recommendation from the director or manager of the animal control facility, approving and authorizing your application for the certification as an animal euthanasia technician for that specified facility.
    • If you are the director, the letter shall be from the county official or supervisor.
  • Licensure Information (if applicable) – Verification of certification from each jurisdiction where he or she now holds or ever held a certificate.  Must be submitted to the Board directly from the licensing Board. 
  • Criminal Background check – effective July 1, 2018 (NEW REQUIREMENT)
    • Click here for instructions to obtain electronic fingerprints - Only done in WV, PA, NY, and TX
    • Click here for instructions to obtain manual fingerprinting - Required for out of state other than PA, NY, and TX  
    • Please be advised, the background checks done on fingerprint cards could take several weeks to process. If possible, for faster results, you can register at a WV, PA, NY, or, TX IndentoGO location for electronic background checks.  

WV State Training Exams – You will be notified by the Board once a date has been determined for the training/exams (Must Pass All Exams)

  • Jurisprudence – Practice Act/Rules and Regulations
  • Written Practical – CAET Training Manual
  • Practical