Veterinary Facility Information

The West Virginia Board of Veterinary Medicine shall issue a facility registration to a veterinary facility which meets all the respective provisions for operation. All stationary, emergency, mobile and ambulatory veterinary facilities shall be inspected prior to opening and will then be inspected every 2 years.

Registration Renewal

Facility online registration renewals are available from April 1 thru June 30.  Facility registrations are required to be renewed each fiscal year by June 30.  Renewals submitted after June 30 require payment of a late fee.  If you do not wish to renew online, you may submit your renewal form to the Board office.

The Board shall not issue a renewal license to a veterinarian who is an owner or shareholder of a veterinary facility situated in this state that has not filed an annual facility registration, or that has refused to allow a representative of the Board to inspect the veterinary facility of the veterinarian during the facilities regular business hours.

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Registration Renewal Printable

Registration Application for New Facilities

Prior to opening a new a stationary, emergency, mobile and ambulatory veterinary facility, a registration and fee must be submitted to the Board.  In addition, the facility must pass a facility inspection and pay the inspection fee.

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Registration Application Printable

Facility Inspection

All veterinary facilities shall be inspected by the Board every 2 years, except when the Board requires a re-inspection due to the facility not meeting all requirements for that type of facility at the routine inspection. Only after the Board determines that the facility meets the respective provisions for operation under this rule may it lawfully operate. The Board, at its discretion, may grant authorization to begin operation while the facility awaits its initial inspection if this inspection is delayed for reasons not associated with the practice or its operators.

All ambulatory vehicles must be present at the time of inspection or there will be an additional inspection fee.  There will not be an additional fee for multiple vehicles if all are present at the time of the inspection. 

If it is more convenient for the ambulatory practice to meet across state lines, the Inspector can inspect up to 50 miles from WV state line. 

Click here to view the Ambulatory Facility Inspection breakdown.  

Click here to view the Ambulatory Facility Inspection Policy 

New Registration for Ambulatory Facility Requirements

Ambulatory facilities, that are not an extension of a WV stationary veterinary facility, will now need to register their facilities.  Ambulatory facilities with multiple vehicles will only need one facility registration. 

Since this is a new requirement, ambulatory facilities need to complete a facility registration application no later than July 1, 2018.  Once the Board receives the ambulatory registration, your facility will be added to the inspection cycle based on your location. After the initial inspection, your facility will be inspected every 2 years.